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Customer Testimonials

Jessica Dalton

Magdalene was great! I have been growing my locks for 4 years and (after one terrible experience at another salon) never had them worked on. Plus, they are locked with a latch hook all the way down! Magdalene rose to the challenge and I left with the locks I always wanted. All of the loose hairs pulled in, but without losing the natural look I love. The vibe at the salon was very relaxed, and I enjoyed chatting with Magdalene, Debbie, and another client getting her dreadies groomed. Thanks for a great afternoon and a fantastic job on my locks. I'll be back.


I love Dread Rock Salon. The environment is very welcoming & friendly. I had Magdalene as my stylist & she was amazing. She listened to what my desired result was & did an amazing job, talking me threw the whole process. They were also very good with educating myself on the best ways to keep my dreads clean & healthy. I would recommend this salon to everyone who is looking for a good salon to take good care of their dreads!


Becca Ednie Titus

Not that I have anything to compare it to, but Debbie and Magdalene took very good care of me. They are good teachers, funny, kind, knowledgeable and patient as they guided me through deciding exactly what I want and what it would do for me over time. I'm very much enjoying the 'out the door' look and feel of crocheted dreads (one day ill count them), and look forward to nearly maintenence free 'mature' dreadlocks in a year or so. Thank you Magdalene Salinas for doing your skilled forte on my other wise doomed head of hair.


Kehinde Alabi / January 26, 2015

I love Dread Rock Salon! I have been coming here since my hair was in it's infancy and almost 4 years later, I must say my hair is my prized posession. Debbie is a magician in the dreadlocks world and she has played all kinds of wonderful tricks on my hair. When you walk into this place, you definitely feel a sense of warmth and camaraderie.

She is that friend that I can talk to with ease and won't feel judged. I have come to consider her more than my hairstylist, she is truly a special friend and she sure makes you and your hair feel special. If you are looking for a dreadlocks stylist or are planning to switch to dreads, she is definitely the No. 1 dreadlocks pro!!!


Grace Johnson / January 26, 2015

What a wonderful experience! A great, clean and comfy salon. Magdalene does amazing work and made me feel totally welcome. She was warm, pleasant, and really knew what she was doing.

My dreads look great. I couldn't be happier!


Madison Chester / January 26, 2015

I highly recommend this place to anyone needing to get work done on their dreadlocks; I moved to Portland about 6 months ago and my dreadlocks looked terrible. They were stuck together in weird places, smelled weird and just rank, overall. I was terrified that any salon was going to take one look at them and tell me that I needed to chop them off and start over. Magdalene totally saved my dreadlocks! After just one appointment my dreads looked 100 times better, Ive since been back 3x and every time the look a million times better. Very very happy with my hair now :)


Erin Feller January / 26, 2015

So, so glad I found this place! Thank you Debbie for a fantastic experience. If you are looking for quality work and great people look no further. I got a whole ste of dreads with some extensions and they look amazing!


Miki Masuhara-Page /  January 19, 2015

I have never had dreads before and finally decided to go ahead and get some. I came in and saw Debbie, she spoke with me, gave me many options with pictures so that I could decide exacly what kind of look I was going for. She was very friendly and answered all of my questions. I came in to get them done a few days later and absolutely love them. Debbie was a very fun person to have working on my head for hours, we had such a good time that the time flew by. I had a wonderful experience and love me new hair. I even came back and Debbie worked with me when deciding what kind of extensions I should use and how they should be placed. I highly recommend Dread Rock Saoln, they do beautiful work, are very friendly and I bet you'll be more than happy with yourself for choosing this salon. :)


Jake B /  January 12, 2015

I recommend DreadRock Salon HIGHLY. They did an amazing job. My dreads were less than satisfactory for a whole year before I gave them a visit, and they cured me. Magdalene really hooked me up, she's a pro. It's a simple choice


Zachary B. / December 28, 2014

After starting dreads a year ago through someone I found on craigslist, I decided to comb them out due the fact I wanted start a new journey. When I came home to Portland, for the holidays (I live in Corvalis, Oregon) I googled dreadlock salons all through out the area and Dread Rock Salon was the first option. I called Debbie, (the owner), told her exactly what I was looking for, and was scheduled for a consolation appointment the following day. After talking for about a half hour while also going through multiple pictures, my new vision for the look I wanted was seen though both of our eyes. I set another appointment for the next day and we started locking my hair down in to a new grid. Not only does my hair now look better than it has, getting my hair done at Dread Rock Salon was one of the most positive experiences with hair I have ver had. Not only did we take the whole day to make sure my hair was perfect, precisde, and exactly what I envisioned, Debbie kept me entertained with awesome conversation and great music throughout the process. No matter what your preference is for dreadlocks, the staff at Dread Rock Salon goes above and beyond to make you look right. I would never refer anyone anywher but Dread, and after today, they have a lifetime customer in me.


Brooklyn Green / October 30th, 2014

I've left reviews on Google, and Yelp, so I figured why not here as well. :)

I called in around 9am yesterday, kinda late notice on my part, and by 2:30 I was getting my hair done by Charrese and I love it! (I had my Havana Twists touched up)

The whole atmosphere was very pleasant, they had a mix of music playing (adele, throw backs, etc). I was greeted by both Charrese, and Debbie as soon I walked in. I'm so excited to come back here, I'm thinking next time I'll get faux dreads! :)


Desire Hayes / October 30th, 2014

Debbie at Dread Rock is a fanstastic stylist. She has done both mine and my 9 year old daughter's hair multiple time, and we have had great results every time!

She was able to do a partial sew in last minute for me before heading out of town, I don't know what I would have done without her help lol. It's been a week since then, and my hair still looks and feels like a new do! Last time she did my little girl's hair, she gave her a wash and blow out, which was a great help as well, because here hair untamable. My daughter loves to go to Dread Rock to get pampered. I definitely recommend this salon, ask for Debbie!


Bittany M. / October 27, 2014

I am giving this salon a five star because I received such wonderful service from Debbie the owner. Debbie gave me a new look that I absolutely love! She first gave my long curly hair one of the best cuts that I have ever had! The cut made my curls come back to life and looked full and thick again. I just absolutely love it!

Secondly, she put in four awesome dreads that I adore so much! I have been wanting dreads for years and finally had the guts to do it. I just love them and have gotten lots of compliments. Debbie, is one of the best hair artists that I have ever been to. She listened to what I wanted and was very helpful and informative. She is also a very good conversationalist. She was very easy to talk to and I had a wonderful time getting to know her.

I had such a wonderful experience at Dread Rock Salon! I would recommend it to anybody. They do just about anything you can think of. If you just want a simple hair cut, they can do it. If you want something different and edgy they most DEFINITELY can do it! Thanks so much Debbie! You Rock!


Lisa P. / October 25, 2014

Comforting,  welcoming, adept, skillfull, in other words "with the business". These are all defining understatments in describing my first time experience in Chareese Ottele's chair. She made sure that the highest quality of service proveded, from the "just right" water temp, to the offering of beverages (a first). aftre looking All over Portland I found the best and she got me right for wedding! Thanks Chareese!


Jaxx P / October 14, 2014

A big Shout Out to Cassie at Dread Rock Salon thank you for the excellent job you did with my dreads I'm very pleased and impressed with your work. While efficient with her work she also makes sure to take the time to make sure that everything is done correctly and you can have longer lasting results so you don't have to worry about going to the salon all the time. She was very informative with her advice about products and maintenance and I would strongly recommend her services to anyone looking to get their hair done.


Josh S. / Nov. 15th, 2014

Just want to say it is worth every minute and penny. I have never been dissatisfied with the work done on my dreads.


Marcell Campbell | November 26th, 2013

This place is so great friendly and worth ever penny for what you want. A wash color or re-attach broken locks whatever you want they rock.


Danielle Sullivan-Ward | Febuary 9th, 2013

Outstanding service. Amazing people. Fun, comfortable, cute space! I could go on for days and days!


Diony Lopez | September 6th, 2013

Debbie got me started on the most incredible journey with my dreads! I am so happy to have gone to Dread Rock Salon to get my dreads started.


David Canchola | July 17th, 2013

Best place I got my braids done and don't regret it love the place and can't wait to go back again Like Dread Rock Salon ;P


Tom R. | September 9th, 2013
Comfortable, chill environment. Debbie (the owner) seems to know what I want even when I don't! I give her a general idea and don't even need to say any more. 
Dreadlocks are the obvious focus here, but I've never met anyone as good at shorter-hair, alternative male hairstyles. If you're into having a unique hairstyle this is the place. 
I've never seen a customer dissatisfied in this salon. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


James R. | August 21st, 2013
I waited about a week to put my comments down, because I wanted to reflect on the total experience. 
The professional attention to detail, and knowledge in the consultation carried through to an amazing set of dreads. I would recommend this salon to anyone interested in ROCKIN" DREADS!!! 
I am a true advocate for these ladies they are at the top of their field. Come on Portland and give your hair some true love today, and you will not be disappointed.  


Nelle E. | August 10th, 2012
This salon is absolutely amazing.. When I first moved up to Portland, I had the hardest time trying to find a stylist willing to do my hair.. I had an image and no one seemed to want to take the time to make it happen.. Debbie however set up a consultation right away and when I had explained how I wanted my hair she already had ideas and was as excited as me to do my hair how I had been wanting it for the longest time!.. She went above and beyond to make me beautiful and fulfill my needs as a client.. She is wonderful and has an awesome team... I recommend the salon to anyone!!  ... Peace, love and Dreads:)


Tiffany ‎ - Aug 23, 2011Debbie is AMAZING!!!There isn't anyone else on the planet that I would trust more than her with my dreads, or my family's hair. She is always on time, professional yet fun and vibrant, but most of all, she listens to her clients needs/wants..even my picky and indecisive 13 year old daughter, and my no nonsense 12 year old son! I recommend her every time someone asks me about my dreads, or my children's hair. We get so many compliments on the colors we have had done, as well as the maintenance I've had done. In addition to finding someone that "gets" us and our crazy ideas or pickiness with our locks, we have found a lifelong friend!! We love Debbie & Dread Rock!!


NK ‎ - Jun 12, 2011Debbie is phenomenal! I was scheduled to have my dreads done at another salon, but they were totally rude and flaked on me, then told me I'd have to wait two weeks for my next appointment. I called up DreadRock instead and Debbie was able to get me in the next day. On the phone she asked me about my hair, actually taking the time to see what we were working with. I showed up for my appointment and I was greeted warmly and we got underway. I spent my time chatting it up with her and another stylist, Jules, and we had a grand ol' time. The tunes were great, the atmosphere was awesome. Several hours later, I had a head of beautiful dreads. It's been a little over a month, and my head looks great. Only one of my babies has gotten a little loose; she did a fantastic job. I know they're going to be recommended by me, and I'm going back for all of my dread needs. Be seeing you soon!


Joy ‎ - May 4, 2011Dread Rock is a treasure!Debbie knows her stuff and did an incredible maintenance session on my locs -- she listened to me, went out of her way to accommodate my schedule and to make sure I was satisfied, and was so friendly and professional, even helping me find my route home after a long day. This shop is a family operation and you don't find service like this anywhere. Wishing you best success with the new salon, Debbie and crew!


Diony ‎ - Mar 18, 2011DEBBIE IS AMAZING!The first time I walked into Dreadrock hair salon Debbie immediately sat me down, asked me what I was interested in doing with my hair and penciled me in for that same day! I was so excited to finally be able to get dreads from such an experienced and accommodating hair stylist. I've never walked out of a hair salon feeling as happy and satisfied with both my hair and the prices. Debbie is extremely friendly and likeable, anyone who is interested in dreads would be remiss to overlook Dreadrock Hair Salon. Thanks Debbie!

Aaron ‎ - Jan 20, 2011Debbie at Dread Rock is one of a kind!She can do virtually ANYTHING with ANYONES hair. I've stopped in a few times to get my dreads maintained and I couldn't be happier. Debbie and her stylists were very accommodating and professional. Don't let the name fool you though, her salon offers everything from color treatments to braids and anything in between. Check in often because she always has new products and specials offered all the time. You don't have to live in the Stone Age to give Dread Rock a try.=)



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